Spoken Word – Dancing the Dream

Inspired by a genius and legend, I wrote this little piece. To me, aside from being an artist, he was one of the greatest teachers. I carry his message within my heart and live by it. A change starts with the person in the mirror and a new world starts with the children that we… Continue reading Spoken Word – Dancing the Dream

Spoken Word – What defines You?

The message I am sharing with you through this spoken word poetry comes from deeply within. For a long time, I have lived my life from a place inside that was filled with pain and fear. I understand so little about myself and the world around me. Yet, there is a fire within me and… Continue reading Spoken Word – What defines You?

Sway day Bali, Indonesia

'Sway day' is something I came up with a while ago. On such a day, I dedicate myself to leaving a place better than I found it, wherever I go. This month, I traveled to Indonesia with one of my best friends. Noëlle and I, we put time and effort in cleaning the beach of Kedonganan… Continue reading Sway day Bali, Indonesia