Essential Oils

Lecture Natural Healing with Essential Oils
Sunday September 8th, 2019

During the Inner Balance Festival at De Levenstuinen van Groot Hontschoten in Teuge, you will be able to participate in various workshops, yoga, mindfulness, guided meditation, sound healing and other exciting activities. I will be there to give a lecture on natural healing with essential oils. De Levenstuinen is a magical place where you can totally find your peace in nature, get inspired by all the activities and can connect with beautiful people.

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My mother has been working with essential oils for a few years and we are grateful having been able to experience the benefits of them. I have been digging into information about essential oils as well and I decided to share it with other people too. On this page I will be going through some primary aspects of them. If you click this link you can order them yourself if you’d like. If you have any other questions you can contact me via this link.

My personal experience with essential oils

What are essential oils?

How to use essential oils?


Where can I get essential oils?
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What do essential oils do?
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