Spoken Word – beyond Time and Space

With the situation our Momma Earth currently finds herself in, we gotta do something to save our planet and we all share this responsibility together. Take care of yourself, take care of the people around you and be conscious about the things you consume. The time is now. Thank you for watching💚

Spoken Word – a Woman You are

A call out to my sisters🌍💛 To me it is important that we, sisters, bond with each other and acknowledge where our pain lies, because so many of us can relate with each other. It means that we need to be emotionally honest to ourselves and ask ourselves for forgiveness. We are not alone in… Continue reading Spoken Word – a Woman You are

Spoken Word – Dancing the Dream

Inspired by a genius and legend, I wrote this little piece. To me, aside from being an artist, he was one of the greatest teachers. I carry his message within my heart and live by it. A change starts with the person in the mirror and a new world starts with the children that we… Continue reading Spoken Word – Dancing the Dream

Blog – Love

When speaking of love, we often mistake it for a desire to be fulfilled. But love isn't something that must be fulfilled or accomplished, love just has to be present. The closer you get to yourself and the light within you that shines love, the more you can experience love to be present in every… Continue reading Blog – Love

Spoken Word – What defines You?

The message I am sharing with you through this spoken word poetry comes from deeply within. For a long time, I have lived my life from a place inside that was filled with pain and fear. I understand so little about myself and the world around me. Yet, there is a fire within me and… Continue reading Spoken Word – What defines You?

Blog – Healing

Healing to me personally has always been a subject that drew my attention and the more I come to know about it, the more important it seems to become. So many people suffer from illnesses and diseases today and a lot of us do not even acknowledge or realize this, or maybe we just don’t… Continue reading Blog – Healing

Sway day Bali, Indonesia

'Sway day' is something I came up with a while ago. On such a day, I dedicate myself to leaving a place better than I found it, wherever I go. This month, I traveled to Indonesia with one of my best friends. Noëlle and I, we put time and effort in cleaning the beach of Kedonganan… Continue reading Sway day Bali, Indonesia

Blog – Inner Power

You and I, we live life inside the bubble. For a moment, let me pop your bubble and let’s take a look at the outside together, where our Earth, life forms and even our own species are having a really hard time because of our doing. We turn away from this truth in our daily… Continue reading Blog – Inner Power