Spoken Word – What defines You?

The message I am sharing with you through this spoken word poetry comes from deeply within. For a long time, I have lived my life from a place inside that was filled with pain and fear. I understand so little about myself and the world around me. Yet, there is a fire within me and I have always been determined that this fire, this light, can conquer anything. I never had to search for it, I just need to trust it, follow it and make it grow stronger. Through this message I hope to provoke and raise questions about yourself and the world we live in. Thank you for watching!

What defines you?
What do you feel?
Can you validate it is right or if it is even real?
I mean, are you still sane?
Well if life to you is just a game, don’t worry
Because the term ‘sanity’, in definition, it cannot even be explained.

In our cosmos, our great friggin’ Universe,
In the big picture it is not about you or me, you see,
But through the body, through my self, my mind,
Is how the tiny little world I live in is perceived, by me.
But then, what are we? And what do you see?
And how come that today we know so much pain, hatred and agony?
Psychic disorders, anxiety, a dying planet, distinction of species?
We feel so smart, don’t we… human kind.
We are so caught up with the insides of our own minds,
That we misunderstand the outside,
As a reflection of the chaos that happens inside at the same time.
And whatever the truth in this in any case,
Most definitely,
You and I, he and she, we will never agree,
Because perception in psychology states that interpretation is personally,
And you… you is not me.
We can only come to the truth of our cosmic identity,
Because we are not just the product of the Universe,
We are all a part of it, but just at different degrees.

And in the mind of the majority this is not even acknowledged,
Cause if it was, we would never be able to even hurt each other,
And I am sorry but looking at our world damn,
I get really fuckin’ bothered.
It makes my fire burn, it makes me wanna open up my heart,
Because the thought, the thought that the intention of love,
Could firm a state of happiness, for all, that’s where I’d like to start.

In the world that I experience through my eyes,
There is a time of change we now have arrived, because,
Time is speeding up, you know and we are going so fast, faster, so far,
But there is no way nor is there the need, to try and keep up with it all.
We want peace…
We want peace, right? Well it is ours to make,
And there is the power inside of us all to create it.
Just don’t be afraid, of the true power in you,
You are absolutely invincible through love, appreciation and gratitude.
Thank you.

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